Hourly Rates:
$85.00 Journeyman
$55.00 Apprentice/Helper

Emergency service work (EOT), on weekends or after 5:00 PM is $120.00 per hour, plus parts if needed. One hour is the minimum charge, make sure to use this to your advantage!

Jetter service is 1st hour, 2 people $225.00, then normal hourly rates if 1 hour is exceeded. $325.00 for EOT.

Camera and recording of lines is $325.00 for the 1st hour and includes snaking the line first, then normal hourly rates apply if longer than 2 hours. Some line may require cleaning and jetting, depending on pipe cleanliness.

Backhoe and scissor lift are $250.00 for 1st hour within a 5 mile radius and then normal hourly rates.

$35.00 for hourly use of space heater during thawing period.
$7.00 for hourly use of heat gun.
$30.00 for hourly use of thaw machine.
$10.00 top, urinal and closet snake charge.
$30.00 sink machine charge.
$35.00 large sewer machine charge.

FLAT RATE BIDS for service replacements - this includes hourly rate, delivery of product, removal and disposal of old water heater or toilet.

Water Heaters
50 Gallon Electric W/H replacement $750.00
50 Gallon High Efficiency W/H replacement $895.00
40 Gallon Electric W/H replacement $825.00
40 Gallon Gas W/H replacement $850.00
50 Gallon Gas W/H replacement $950.00
If customer provides water heater there is a haul off charge of $20.00

Round Front Toilet (American Standard Cadet Pro) replacement $477.73
ADA Elongated Toilet (American Standard Cadet Pro) replacement $490.42
Pressure assist toilet (Kohler) replacement $495.15
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